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My ontology and epistemology in tension with my pedagogy

A transcript of a work-in-progress presentation about ontology, epistemology, and pedagogy— specifically, my ontology, epistemology, and pedagogy. More specifically, how they might be affected by our current time of crisis.
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Five principles or themes for addressing unruly social and ecological complexities

On the presumption that the dynamic flux of ecological and social complexities cannot be well understood from an outside view…
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Ecology and ethics: From conservation to capabilities to cultivation

In a chapter just submitted for an anthology on Earth Stewardship I raise the possibility of translating the non-equilibrium view of ecological complexity (Pickett 2013) into a view of ethics and social action. This leads me to introduce five ideals for a “dynamic flux ethics”—engagement, participation, cultivating collaborators, transversality, and fostering curiosity.  I unpack these a little below, but something I realized after writing the chapter is that two shifts were involved: Continue reading