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A response to an inquiry forwarded from China

I am intrigued by emails I get from China seeking employment–what search algorithm connected me with the inquirer? I forwarded one to a brother-in-law, a jokester who likes word puzzles. His response below, after which is appended the inquiry, made me feel guilty that my forwarded email led him to spend time and mental energy, but the result is quite wonderful, I think (and brought to mind the love poem in Cyberiad). Continue reading

50 whys to look for genes: 38. Select sex of the baby

Prenatal tests can determine the chromosomal sex of the fetus as early as 10 weeks into the pregnancy.  If the fetus is not of the desired sex, it can be aborted.


1. Selecting the sex of the baby happens by rejecting the fetuses that are not of that sex.

2. That selective abortion by sex is happening even when illegal is evident, for example, in the sex ratio of second children in India.  The parents take their chances the first time, but, if they have a girl, enough parents resort to sex-selective abortion that the sex ratio of second children is skewed towards male babies (Manchanda et al. 2011).

3. The social implications of this imbalance could be significant, if that is not the case already (e.g., Hesketh & Min 2012, 2011 magazine article about China).


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Gender, Race, and the Complexities of Science and Technology: A bibliography

In a 2011 graduate course on “Gender, Race, and the Complexities of Science and Technology,” students were asked to add an annotated reference or resource (=person, organization…) to the evolving googledocs bibliography each week.  (Annotations were to convey the article’s key points as well as its connection to the student’s own inquiries and interests.)  The result is as follows: Continue reading