The Truth is the Whole: Essays in Honor of Richard Levins

The Truth is the Whole: Essays in Honor of Richard Levins is now available as a 300-page paperback through online retailers in North America, Europe, and Australia.

Levins (1930-2016) was an ecologist, evolutionary biologist, biomathematician, philosopher of science, complexity theorist, Marxist, and one-time tropical farmer. Key to all aspects of his thinking was a dialectical logic of process and change. His work provides a framework for the understanding of crises in environment and society and their analytic relationship with capitalism and imperialism, as well as the tools for the critique of biological determinist justifications for the existing structures of power. This collection of essays pays tribute to Levins by carrying forward his work in the development of the understanding of the dialectics of nature and society.
Chapters by Antonio Bodini, Douglas Boucher, David Bruck, Luis Fernando Chaves, Harold Heatwole, Patricia Lane, Julio Munoz-Rubio, Cristina de Albuquerque Possas, Brian Rubineau, Javier Sandoval Guzmán, David Schwartzman, Peter J. Taylor, John Vandermeer, Robert G. Wallace & colleagues, and Victor Wallis. Reminiscences and Tributes by Tamara Awerbuch, Graciela Campos Escalante, Arturo Cervantes, Yrjo Haila, Aurora Levins Morales, Olga Mas, Leda M. Menéndez Carrera & colleagues, Hilary Rose and Steven Rose, and William Wimsatt.

Editors: Tamara Awerbuch, Maynard S. Clark, and Peter J. Taylor.
Publishers: The Pumping Station

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