1-day workshop-Impossible to Simply Continue Along Previous Lines: Changing Life in Times of Crisis

“Impossible to Simply Continue Along Previous Lines: Changing Life in Times of Crisis”
One-day workshop before the 4S conference, Boston, Tues 29th August 2017

In this one-day workshop we will create spaces, interactions, and support that help us extend our projects of inquiry and engagement around “changing life in times of crisis.” A wide range of projects might fit under this intentionally broad topic. Activities will build on what the particular group of participants contribute and employ a range of tools and processes for “connecting, probing, and reflecting” so as to support and learn from each others’ inquiries.
The intended outcomes include: a) products that reflect how our inquiries and plans develop during the day, as conveyed in work-in-progress presentations and then revised in response to feedback so as to be shared outside the workshop, b) experiences that motivate us to take our individual projects beyond their current scope or level of activity, and c) stock-taking towards developing the workshop format. This format, in brief, includes a series of activities together as a group with time spent in between to undertake independent research and converse as helpful for advancing our projects.

More info and application: http://sicw.wikispaces.com/newssc17b

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