Alternation between complexities of situation studied and the situation of the studier: A series of writing projects

Let me share the ambitious writing plan I formulated during a workshop last October, given the need I see to feel generative not only reactive when making one’s work and life in the turbulent politics of the USA today. Over the previous two months I had produced Ann(ie) Blum in Our Lives, a memorial book, but something more, work that provided an image of getting directional and productive about one writing project at a time. (That doesn’t mean nothing else gets thought about, but the other Parts—and other parts of my work and life—happen on the side.)

Part I: Taking Yourself Seriously, 2nd edition (which includes Connecting-Probing-Reflecting Spaces)
Part II: Nature-Nurture? No, 2nd edition (which includes the 5 nature-nurture debates and genotype-phenotype distinction) (starting with getting 5 fundamental gaps & What to do if something significant is overlooked articles published)
Part III: Troubled by heterogeneity? (starting with getting Beyond gloomy prospect article published)
Part IV: Enactable Social theorizing
Part V: We weren’t done yet (a review of a range of issues that grab me but most other researchers moved on from without resolving or delving into their full significance) (overlaps with VIII?)
Part VI: Social Construction of Life
Part VII: Design for Living Complexities (first as a scholarworks working paper, based on transcripts from recorded lectures for a course
Part VIII: Epidemiological thinking and population health (based on text prepared for a course)
Part VIII: A Partial Design Catalog
Part IX: Whys to Look for Genes: Pros and Cons
Part X: More and more curious: Critical Thinking and Beyond

This should keep me busy for a while!


P.S. See Caveat Lector


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