Ecological philosophy: A series of impulses in addressing complexity

A 22-minute youtube of ecological philosophy, taken to refer to conceptual frameworks in ecological and environmental science.

Given the gaps in my knowledge of the literature, especially recent research, I would be grateful for any suggestions listeners/readers can provide, however brief. For example, I would be helped by getting notes of significant publications you think I might have omitted, categories (or, in my terms, impulses) I have overlooked or misconstrued, and so on.  (If you are really interested a draft of the article that the youtube gives an overview of can be viewed at

Each section corresponds to a different impulse regarding the conceptualization of ecological complexity:
1. Ecosystems and ecological communities are complex, yet have systemic properties

2. Systems of compartments and flows of energy, nutrients, and information

3. Basic, general rules, especially about populations and their interactions

4. Particularism

5. Patterns reveal influences

6. Natural scales

7. Data analysis in relation to tight hypotheses, experimental manipulations, or long term observations

8. Embeddedness and problematic boundaries in space and time

9. Pragmatism, Partiality and Pluralism

10. Transversality


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