On coming to have Big Ideas

Probe—Create Change—Reflect

I wonder if the cartoon below (posted in a thread on Seymour Papert’s idea of Big or Powerful ideas) suggests exactly the wrong idea about creative learning (the subject of a current MOOC).

Yesterday I read an essay that chronicled 3 years of Darwin’s 1837-1839 diaries as he worked his way very indirectly around but eventually towards the idea we now call natural selection (providing the mechanism of evolutionary change that can result in organisms adapted to their environment) (Millman and Smith 1997). In retrospect, Huxley (Darwin’s younger colleague) could say “Why didn’t I think of that!?” — natural selection is a Big and Powerful Idea. But what we can make of something after the fact is not a guide how a person plays with projects and interacts with peers to come up with a big idea. Unless one thinks that Darwin was an exception….


Arthur B. Millman & Carol L. Smith…

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