Scaffolding Scientific and Social Change: Workshop in May 2013

Location: Old Fire Station, Woods Hole MA, USA
Dates May 19 (8am) – 22 (2pm)

In this workshop participants will create spaces, interactions and support in formulating plans to extend our own projects of inquiry and engagement in scientific and social change. In making such plans, we will also be exploring and developing the idea of “scaffolding” the efforts of current and potential collaborators. Activities will, as they have at NewSSC since 2004, build on what the particular participants contribute and employ a range of tools and processes for “connecting, probing, and reflecting.” One new feature is that the four days will follow the sequence of a “Collaborative Exploration,” an extension of Problem- or Project-Based Learning in which participants address a scenario in ways that allow them to shape their own directions of inquiry, at the same time as they support and learn from each others’ inquiries. The scenario for this workshop is described at

Applications are sought from teachers and researchers (including graduate students) who are interested in facilitating discussion, reflection, avid learning, and clarifying one’s identity and affinities in relation to scientific and social change. The Collaborative Exploration format will allow for a limited number of participants over the internet. Newcomers and return participants are welcome. (more…)

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