Environmental action, Infrastructure (Day 17 of Learning road trip)

The trip from Chicago to Ann Arbor on Day 17 took us through Kalamazoo, where we had late afternoon tea (or coffee) with Lynne Heasley, an environmental historian who teaches at Western Michigan University.  She’s also an accomplished photographer and recently created a web portal for her work.  Lynne described the campaign to prevent a proposed private development on the dunes of the Lake Michigan shoreline.

We arrived quite late in Ann Arbor.  Our host, Paul Edwards, was leaving early in the morning to teach then to fly to Madison.  The conversation time was short but generative.  A side comment of Paul’s about using Splintered Urbanism in his teaching led me into his writing on infrastructure and that of Leigh Star and Geoff Bowker (see here and here and here).  Given that I have been intoning on the need for discussions about genomics to pay more attention to the social infrastructure implied by their grand claims, I need to learn more about this line of work in STS (science and technology studies).  Genomicists know a lot about building (or growing) infrastructure to develop their results, as Joan Fujimura reminded me two days before, so I need to revise my argument.

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