Creative Thinking in Epidemiology: 1. An image

Contribution 1.  An image: To be interested in creative thinking in epidemiology is to accept that it is “no longer possible to simply continue along previous lines” (to quote a foreign participant in a past workshop).  Now, it makes good sense to continue along previous lines—to apply the techniques we are skilled in, seek grants from the sources that have funded us, address the problems we are recognized as experts in, collaborate with colleagues who have worked well in a team before, and so on.  Moreover, continuing along previous lines does not mean we do not change, but that change builds on what we are comfortable with.  Yet, an interest in not simply continuing along previous lines means we seek perspectives, problems, tools, connections, and audiences that make us feel troubled when we do continue along previous lines.

Question in preparation for the workshop:

  • What factors have influenced you in the past to shift your original direction of research or even your career (if this has happened to you)?

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