Collaborative for Exploration of Scientific and Political Change

Initial prospectus [from April 19]:

The overall goals of the Collaborative are to support inquiries, teaching-learning interactions, and other practices of critical intellectual exchange and cooperation that challenge the barriers of expertise, gender, race, class, and place that normally restrict access to, understanding of, and influence on the production of scientific knowledge and technologies.

In its first phase of the Collaborative, this support will happen in connection with two graduate courses–Scientific and Political Change and Gender, Race, and the Complexities of Science and Technology–offered in alternate spring semesters in association with the Science in a Changing World graduate track at UMass Boston.

These courses use a Problem-Based Learning (PBL) approach that allows students to shape their own directions of inquiry and develop their skills as investigators and prospective teachers (in the broadest sense of the word).

In this first phase, the Collaborative aims to draw a wider range of participants into the 3-week PBL cases: for-credit students from distant locations; not-for-credit students; course alums returning for a refresher; panel members for the final presentations in each case; guides to help in the inquiries of participants; and co-instructors.

Graduate and advanced undergraduate students from all fields and levels of preparation are encouraged to register for the courses. Other participants should contact the SICW track about getting involved,

In the second phase, participants might translate their experience into running their own PBL-style courses, for which other members of the Collaborative might serve as guides and panel members. The Collaborative may eventually host PBL inquiry and presentations outside the structure of the two courses.


For inquiry towards further development of the Collaborative, see companion blog.


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