Future Ideal Retrospective activity on collaborative production of knowledge the life sciences and public engagement

Imagine May 2014, you meet someone and you are telling them: “I am very pleased with my work as a researcher concerned with collaborative production of knowledge (in some area of) the life sciences and public engagement.” The person asks you to tell them what happened over that last three years to bring you to this state.  You prepare 5 statements, we collate these; each of us clusters them and gives names to the clusters.  (This activity was conduced on Day 3 of a May 2011 workshop “Collaborative production of knowledge: Health, environment, and publics” in Arouca, Portugal.)

My cluster names were as follows:

C. serious attention to physical & non-professional routines as well as intellectual led to productivity, achievement, well-being &  positive outlook

E. Took up the challenge of broadening & deepening my intellectual foundations & getting to be pleased with the results

B. moving steadily from planning to completion of research projects (e.g., PhD) & beyond to where we have an impact

H. Continuing to learn in & about open spaces

D. Have a more positive attitude & making better use of situations that I had become somewhat skeptical of

G. Collaborations & networks established at a range of scales that are productive for my work

F. Kept humor about the scramble needed to keep things going

A. Collaborative research recognized & supported by institutions

I then arranged the clusters to convey relative relatedness:


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