Developing an ethical framework for participatory processes that integrate environmental concerns, ecological science, values, and action, with special attention to interaction among diverse social agents

One outcome from a Cary conference discussion group on ethics of participatory process. The link describes the processes leading to this (and other) outcomes; the result below is necessarily cryptic, but maybe explored in future posts as a starting point for a “enactable, contingent social theorizing.”

Outreach to listen & engage with diverse others, risks notwithstanding Embrace difference so far as to destabilize privileged position/ing Embrace difference in theory & practice so moving forward deconstructs privilege as it constructs through collaborative projects Mindful, reflective action in a changing world needs ideas, action, and positions to be put in tension with those of others so that theory and action are dynamic and deeply participatory
First priority to empowering vulnerable & less powerful
Build connections among diverse parties as a basis for planning & conducting practical environmental projects
Walk the talk in actions as consumers that lessen our footprint If some local actions are consistent with Big Visions, other actions are grounded in specific places A changing world needs a dynamic ethics that allows for but goes well beyond Big Visions and local actions
Keep Big Visions in tension with action grounded in specific places
Nudge ethical theorists to be dynamic: No theoretical difference without difference in (messy) action Scientists & ethics both committed to dynamical theory of ethic in action in a changing world
Scientists become explicit about their ethics for knowledge-making in specific places
Reflective practice: Listening, probing, creating new connections, reflecting, opening questions Mindful, patient cultivating of practice that is critical, reflective & generative
Take the time & silence it takes to prepare us to participate

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